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Aquatots Missed Sessions Policy

As parents juggling lots of commitments such as holidays, social occasions, revised work patterns and general illness, it may not always be possible to attend every single scheduled class despite your best intentions.  As a result, we regularly get asked:

“I am worried I might miss too many sessions, is it worthwhile still booking?” or “Is it OK to miss a class here and there or will we fall behind”?

Missing a session will not impact your child’s learning

Firstly, our swim programme has been developed to ensure a gentle and consistent learning flow, with new skills introduced evenly throughout each course and scheduled for practise several times in that term.  This is to ensure that swimmers do not develop a learning gap due to missed classes.  Also please consider that choosing to skip a term can mean your child has 3-4 months away from structured lessons which can add additional challenges on their return, so we would recommend where possible that you avoid this scenario.

If you do wish to arrange a catch up on a class due to circumstances such as illness, we will do our best to help.

Make up classes, what are my options?

We will endeavour to offer up to a maximum of two make up classes per term.  We limit to two per term purely so we can assist and offer a reasonable amount of catch up classes to as many of our swimmers as possible. The extra spaces in classes, that make these catch up sessions possible, are limited so we need to make sure there is enough to go around.  These sessions must be taken during the relevant term and cannot be carried over into a new term.

** If long-term illness is going to affect your course attendance, please speak directly to the office about options longer term by emailing info@aquatots.com as soon as possible 

When can I reserve a makeup class?

The beginning of our term is always a very busy time for the Office and Teachers and during weeks 1 to 3 we still have swimmers booking into the new term.  Therefore make up classes will not be available during this period as we are unable to guarantee spaces available and would hate to agree a make-up and then cancel it for you.  After week 3 we will be happy to reserve you a space on a class that has a vacancy during weeks 4 to 9.

Who do I contact?

Your make up class will be organised by your teacher so please make your requests directly to your regular teacher and they will be happy to look at options for you.  Once you have agreed an option they will provide you with the pool details and confirm your booking with the office on your behalf.  . 

Please note: Once a space is confirmed this will count as one of your two make up sessions.  Once confirmed we are unable to alter this so therefore ask that you only book for a date once your child is well again and you are sure you can attend,  If you are unable to make the session unfortunately this cannot be reallocated so would count as one of your two make ups as regardless of whether you attend.  This ensures that we are able to help as many swimmers as possible.

What to think about

It may not be possible to schedule a make-up class for the exact missed session in the programme and this is not something to worry about. It may be that where you are attending a catch-up class is on a different week to your current pool but don’t worry your teacher will make you feel welcome and it won’t affect the learning or experience.

Be as flexible as you can – we are only able to offer a catch up where we have space. Some of our classes are already full to capacity with its regular swimmers, especially at the weekend. We are also limited to set numbers in the pool for insurance reasons and for our swimmers’ comfort. As a result, you may be offered a class at a different pool, on a different day and time. So, we ask our swimmers to embrace the chance to see a new pool and meet another one of our fantastic teachers, even if you have to drive a little further than usual. 

Help us be as accommodating as we can to all swimmers.  If you know you are going to miss certain dates, please let us/your teacher know. We might be able to allow another swimmer to make use of a space in your class that week if we know ahead of time.


Any catch up classes offered are solely on the basis of availability where some classes might not be full. They are not guaranteed and if we are unable to offer swimmers something suitable, or swimmers do not wish to make use of what is offered, missed sessions are not refundable as pool time and teachers have been booked. 

Many children’s activity providers do not offer make up sessions and any missed sessions are lost.  Here at Aquatots we aim to offer our loyal customers as much flexibility and understanding of unavoidable circumstances as possible and hope that the above policy will provide this moving forward.  This policy also ensures that this is achieved with minimal disruption to all involved and without impact to our customer’s normal lesson experience.